The Winora Group

Becoming a digital leader in the bike sector.

With more than 100 years of experience in bicycle production, the Winora Group evolved into the leading company in ePerformance Bikes within the last decade. Its brand Haibike delivers the most innovative and sought after electrified mountain bikes in the whole industry.

We teamed up with the Winora Group to best promote their innovative brands and lifestyle products by creating outstanding digital customer experiences across all channels.




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Digitizing Strategy

Omnichannel Infrastructure

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From scattered data silos to a single source of truth.

When we first hit it off, the Winora Group followed an omnichannel strategy due to its vast amount of product information that needed to be consolidated from heterogenous sources, organized and enriched in-house, translated simultaneously and then delivered to multiple B2B and B2C touchpoints. We started to consolidate all relevant data from scattered data silos into one single source of truth.

Building an omnichannel powerhouse from scratch.
In order to handle and feed all channels with customized product content, it was necessary to increase the quality of data, simplify workflows and add automation for recurring tasks and publishing processes.


Analysing, understanding & helping to improve data

After consolidating all data, we started to analyze different workflows and business processes inside the Winora Group. We learned from the team members of each brand how they handle, edit, approve and organize data. How they create new bike models and present them to customers. We had one mission: simplify & digitize what’s possible.