Husqvarna Bicycles

From zero to full digitization in just six months.

Once a pioneer, always a pioneer. After more than 50 years of absence from the bike industry, Husqvarna Bicycles came back in 2018 with a big bang. Powered by the eMountain bike pionieers Susanne and Felix Puello, the well-known brand immediately began to inspire customers. Just one year later, Husqvarna Bicycles joins the ranks of the big names in the eBike industry.

Our mission couldn’t have been clearer: create a digital infrastructure that allows scalability for the brand as it grows and provide possibilities for digital innovation on any future channel.




Tailored Website

Main Services

Digitizing Strategy

Omnichannel Infrastructure

Design, UX & UI

Web Architecture

Software Development


B2B Shop Concept, UX & UI

Transforming digital data into product experiences.

Husqvarna Bicycles not only had to create new bike models from scratch, they also had to create a new brand identity, new websites and new channels. We teamed up with Husqvarna Bicycles to support this huge creation process right from the start.

We quickly implemented digital tools and workflows through a temporary PIM system, which made it easy for the team to generate, edit and extend content. Simultaneously, we started developing the brand’s website. Everything had to be released as quickly as possible. After just three months, Husqvarna Bicycles launched its website and an entire portfolio of beautiful eBikes.

Customized is always better than One-Size-Fits-All.

The core of our PIM system - the data structure - has been tailored exclusively to the needs of Husqvarna Bicycles. It follows the customer’s internal logic for creating & processing product information. The data structure is the backbone of a fully customized PIM solution. Many PIM systems in the market offer a „one size fits all“ (OSFA) solution. They promise to work out of the box, no matter what products you have or which channels you use. However,we believe that a PIM system can only perform well in the long run if it is fully customizable to the existing and future needs of a customer.


Creating a unique flexible digital eco system.

No time to party as our job wasn’t done yet: after the official launch of the website, we immediately teamed up with Husqvarna Bicycles’ product managers to adapt the core of the PIM system to their future needs and eBike models. We connected the PIM system to the company’s ERP system and started developing interfaces for the future B2B online shop.