Buschjost Magnetventile

Digitizing 56,000 products in a single source of truth.

Buschjost Magnetventile is an experienced industrial player with renowned expertise in the development and production of valve technologies. The solenoid and pressure control valves are used worldwide in water, oil, gas and refrigeration pipelines and circuits in multiple sectors. Buschjost Magnetventile offers more than 56,000 products, which are specifically tailored to meet the respective application requirements.

We were initially approached by Buchjost Magnetventile to develop a new website, but from the first meeting things took a different turn. Today, we are looking at an unparalleled partnership, which inspired us to digitize not only the whole product portfolio but also different workflows and services.



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Bye bye spreadsheets, welcome digital freedom.

Before we teamed up with Buschjost Magnetventile all product information was managed and updated manually through spreadsheets. This time-consuming and error-prone process made it complicated to handle all content and channels. Finding the right product on the website was almost impossible without the personal help of the Buschjost Magnetventile team.It was time to say goodbye to spreadsheets and transform these highly resource-binding processes into digital automatization.

Three major challenges had to be solved in the first place. Firstly, we had to organize, optimize and digitize the product data management of 56,000 products. Secondly, we had to transform all this data into a vivid, modern and easy to use website. And last but not least we had to find a way to transform the human-driven product advice process into a digital version.

Generating 56,000 articles out of a few thousands.

During the analysing phase we quickly learned that the 56,000 available products are in fact different versions of some key products and configurations, mainly differing from each other in technical capabilities, material compositions and component parts.

With the help of our client we could identify around 1,200 key products. With this in mind, we took our GRUD-PIM system and created a customized smart data structure which perfectly suits the product logic of Buschjost Magnetventile. We then added some algorithms that allowed us to generate thousands of variants of the “few” key products. As a result, the client now only needs to manage and update 1.200 products to keep the complete portfolio up to date.

Finding the needle in the haystack just got easier.

Valves are very technical products. The operation requirements play a major role in order to find and recommend the right product for the customer. How do you find out all these requirements? Well, by asking the 9 questions. Welcome to the Valve Scout - the digital assistant to find the right product out of 56,000.