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At Campudus, you will find a team – not just a job. We welcome talented people striving for new technologies, loving to code and tackling challenging bugs that are easier to fix in a great team.

We currently have four team positions to fill

about the workplace

Spot the mistakes

We have very strict working hours

NO, WE DON'T! We believe that you know best when and where you are most productive. In the office, remote or at home, we work flexible.

with lots of meetings, meetings and more meetings

LONG MEETINGS? NA! We prefer concepting, designing, coding and bug fixing. Long talks? Only at tech talks, meetups or conferences.

. To survive the day we installed a steam-driven happiness machine

HELL YEAH! Espresso, Cappuccino o Latte Macchiato? We don’t speak italian, but we believe our steam-driven espresso machine does!

. At lunch-time, we usually end up with Apfelstrudel and Fischstäbchen

WELL, SOMETIMES! Some of us cook their own speciallities in in our office kitchen, others just opt for tasty meals from our neighbourhood.

. But our new team members get served with fresh hardware à la carte

DEFINITELY! Select your prefered HW & SW à la carte. MacOS, Linux, iOS or Android. Even Windows - if you really insist ; ).

. We don’t get paid

ARE YOU KIDDING?! Yes we are kidding, but not with your salary. That is seriously German and above-average.

for our work, but instead we can ride some bicycles for free

BIIIICYCLES, BIIIICYCLES! Our corporate bike program is waiting for your order. Get the hottest bikes in the industry.



Thank you!

10 years have flown by! We would like to thank all our clients, partners and team members who have put their trust in us and continue to inspire us to embark on new digital journeys. Join us and discover our new “Campudus Origin Stories” and get exciting insights about how all came together and made us the team you trust when it comes to digital solutions that make your products shine brighter and your customers happier.

To the Origin Stories


Workshops in breezy heights at the Wilder Kaiser.

Despite all the home office flexibility, great and sometimes crazy web meetings, nothing replaces the feeling and atmosphere of a real get-together of the whole Campudus team.

Under the motto ‘Campudus out of office’ we went up to breezy heights of the Wilder Kaiser. Coding workshops, barbecues, hiking and jumping into the way too cold lake, were on our to-do list for two days.

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‘Campudus@Homeoffice’ – Running new ways of working.

In the latest episode of our interview series ‘Campudus Insights’ Michael, Manfred and Daniela report on their current home office routine and answer probably the most frequently asked question in this context: jeans or sweatpants?

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Deniz, what is the job of a frontend developer?

What does a frontend developer do at Campudus? How does his everyday routine look like and how did he get started with development? You can find out all this and a little bit more in our interview series "Campudus Insights".

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Lisa, how is the user experience as a working student?

The most important part of our success are our employees. Especially our working students provide fresh, unbiased ideas and are highly motivated to throw themselves into innovative projects. They are also particularly critical when it comes to good usability and innovative design. In this short interview with Lisa you can find out how our UX/UI working student handles her job.

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Jaroslav, as a Full Stack Developer, how do you become an IRONMAN?

Hardly anyone is as meticulous and disciplined in programming and sports as Jaroslav. He is multiple IRONMAN, SWISSMAN and the most well-trained colleague, who can run, swim and ride a bike faster than any of us. How does he manage his day at Campudus as a full stack developer and project manager? Find it out in his short interview.

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