Even developers need fresh air sometimes

Michael, what are your responsibilities @Campudus?

I mainly take on tasks from customer-oriented areas. In my case this includes sales, marketing, communications and key account management. In addition, I also deal with topics such as business and product development.

That means you could do most of your work from home?

Yes, that´s right. In terms of sales, I´m only on-site with customers once or twice a month – in view of the current circumstances, things are, of course, a little different. Due to Corona, no on-site appointments are planned, so I´ve been working from home 90 % of the time since March of last year. At the moment, you can only find me in the office on important occasions.



Sales, Marketing, Business Development

@Campudus since the beginning

Home office style level: 100 % sweatpants


Backend Developer, Project Management

@Campudus since 2018

Home office style level: 0 % sweatpants


Management Assistance, Product Management

@Campudus since 2020

Home office style level: 20 % sweatpants


How does homeoffice work @Campudus?

Manfred, what are your main tasks @Campudus?

As a software developer I manage the product development of our PIM software ‘GRUD’, mainly in the backend. I am also responsible for the development of diverse customer projects. In doing so, I take on various roles: project manager, developer, scrum master or even product owner.

For those tasks, do you do them in the office or do you work from home?

I am currently working 100 % from home. Pre-Corona, it was part home office and part office. For me as a developer, this flexible way of working works quite well.

So, the switch to home office wasn't difficult for you?

The only hurdle was the poor internet connection at my home. However, that has improved significantly in the meantime. Otherwise (...), the setup works – hardware is the same as in the office. I even got my desk and chair from there.

Michael, how has the switch been for you so far?

My workplace at home corresponds 1:1 to my office workplace, also in ergonomic terms. Each of us has been given a full equipment package to make the switch to home office as comfortable as possible. In general, we are all equipped with laptops and are therefore home-office-ready.

How do you manage to stay in touch with all your colleagues?

Manfred: We use our own meeting tool for video calls so that we can easily coordinate, without an elaborate invitation system. In addition, we use ‘Slack’ channels to exchange ideas on specific topics in various constellations. What's missing, of course, is the coffee kitchen effect in the office. Although the developer cliché does apply to some of us from time to time: we don't talk much, even though we sit in front of each other all day (laughs).

Daniela, Manfred and Michael are, so to speak, ‘old hands’ @Campudus. You, instead, are brand new to the team. What are your tasks @Campudus and how was the start for you under the current ‘Corona conditions’?

I have been working at Campudus since December as an assistant to the management. In addition, I take on tasks from the areas of product management, sales and marketing.

Onboarding went off without a hitch for me. Since there are only a few people in the office under the current circumstances anyway, it was also possible to work on-site from time to time during the onboarding phase – in compliance with Corona's security measures, of course. What additionally helped me is our ‘Daily’: a daily meeting – currently via video – in which everyone describes their highlights from the previous day and explains which tasks are up next. In this way, I was able to get to know all my colleagues right from the start and got settled in the team quickly.

Are your home office days different from the ones you spend in the office occasionally?

My commute to the office is quite long, so it's very convenient for me to work from home. During my lunch break, I sometimes go for a run or take a nap. And what I really like about our ‘Daily’ is that it maintains a certain routine regardless of where we work.

Michael, how is that for you? Has anything changed in your daily routine since you started working from home?

To keep things balanced, I've made it a habit to do about 1.5 hours of sports in the afternoon and go back to work in the evening. Another thing that shouldn't be ignored is the simpler choice of clothing: business casual on top and sweatpants for the rest (laughs).

Manfred, has something changed for you, too? And which outfit do you prefer: jeans or sweatpants?

I have to say that I get up much later. In terms of activity, I'm not quite as sporty as Michael, but a daily midday walk with my girlfriend has become routine. Regarding the outfit question: 100 % jeans. I actually don't own any sweatpants at all.

Can you make a statement about where you prefer to work overall and why?

Manfred: Regardless of Corona, I prefer a healthy mix, depending on the type of work. A new project needs more exchange on a personal level. Exclusive online contact only works for older projects.

Michael: I agree with Mane on that. I can concentrate much better at home. But when it comes to creative topics and joint projects, exchange naturally works better in the office. It's all in the mix.

Daniela: I have to say that I actually prefer being in the office. Before joining Campudus, I worked on my master thesis mostly from home, so I really enjoy the new work life in the office. On top of that, our portafilter coffee machine makes pretty good coffee, which, of course, is a great motivation for coming into the office (laughs).

Finally, also to you, Daniela, the all-important question: jeans or sweatpants?

Usually jeans. In sweatpants it quickly becomes too comfortable, so it's hard for me to get into ‘work mode’.