An exceptional sportsman and coding specialist.

Jaroslav, you are an extreme athlete and enthusiastic full-stack developer. How does that fit together? How did you get into programming?

I lived in Russia until I was 15 and went to school there. Computer science was already a part of the education there and awakened my interest. Later in German schooI I especially liked mathematics and computer science. It was a logical step for me to study computer science after graduating from high school (Abitur). I completed both the Bachelor and the Master at the University of Landshut. During that time I also got to know two of the founders of Campudus - Max and Olli. By the time I finished my studies, Campudus had already laid the first foundations and I became the first permanent employee.

So not only do you like to be the first to cross the finish line, but you were also the first at Campudus?

(Laughs) Yes, it's funny and at the same time exciting to look back and see how everything started. Although I have worked in other companies in the meantime, I never lost contact with the „boys“. When I came back to Campudus after three years, of course a lot of things were different. More employees, bigger projects and then relatively quickly a completely new office with a wonderful view.



32 years old




Since 2016 at Campudus

Stack & Skills





IntelliJ IDEA, BitBucket,GitHub


What is your typical day at Campudus?

Back again to the question of extreme sportsmen and software developer, how do you reconcile this?

Pretty well, actually, because you can program anywhere and anytime. So you are neither bound to time nor place. My core working hours have therefore leveled off between half past eight and three o'clock. I start working straight away without a coffee and check my e-mails first. If there is nothing urgent, I just continue working on my tasks from the day before. Due to my diet adapted to extreme sports I do not have a lunch break, but only drink a coffee. In the afternoon I have time for my training plan, which mostly consists of swimming and gym. On some days I also give spinning classes. After dinner I continue working on my projects in my home office. Because of the very flexible time management I have a lot of freedom concerning my sportive goals. I like to give this back by working longer in the evenings when necessary.

How would you describe your area of responsibility at Campudus?

I would describe my job as a kind of project management, because I am actually involved in all phases of the development of the projects. Beginning with the recording of requirements and the creation of specifications, through the distribution, implementation and control of tasks all the way to the maintenance of existing projects. I am always in direct contact with the customer.

What is (currently) your biggest challenge on the job?

Often it is very challenging to develop an idea of what the final product could be based just on the very first requirements from the customers. In addition, there are a lot of brand-new technologies which need to be selected wisely for every project and customer. But as we work together and find the best solution for each project, it is well manageable.

What do you enjoy most? Do you have a favorite project?

I love to work with one of our clients who always has new ideas, is always very proactive and is open for our suggestions. This creates exciting projects and many interesting tasks.

What do you find special about Campudus?

First and foremost, it is very relaxing working at Campudus in the sense that everyone knows each other, and everyone gets along well. After all, you spend most of the day with your colleagues. In addition, we have short communication paths at all levels, which is very important to me. Our managing director Max also has an open ear for all concerns at all times and is a real team player in addition to his management position.

Espresso, Cappuccino oder Americano?

Even though we have a great espresso machine in the office, I love my soluble decaffeinated coffee with lots of sweetener, which I prepare with my own kettle with temperature control directly at my desk.