First the user experience, then the PR experience.

How did you come to Campudus?

At the Student Career Exchange Fair (SKB) of HAW College Landshut, I saw Campudus in the exhibition catalogue. At the fair itself, I had a very nice conversation with Max (CEO), who encouraged me to apply for a job as a „non-IT student“. I then applied as an intern in the UX/UI design department. After a trial day, where I got to know the office, the processes and the design tasks I did get an offer for my internship.

How is the job as an intern at Campudus?

As an intern I was able to work on real projects from the very beginning and I gained a lot of experience quickly. After the three months I was offered to become a working student for UX/UI Design at the company. Since then I additionally took responsibility for other areas like the PR communication.



27 years old

Passionate about Landshut



Working Student

Since 2019 at Campudus

Stack & Skills



Adobe CC


UX/UI Design


What is your typical day at Campudus?

How does a typical working day begin for you?

My working day usually starts at 8 o'clock, sometimes a little earlier, sometimes a little later. After a hot cappuccino and a small breakfast, I start my work. First, I get an overview of new tasks and what needs to be done first.

What exactly does an UX/UI designer do at Campudus?

Basically, we usually get concept requests from our customers or developers for a new digital tool, for a new website/online shop or a new software. We go through the requirements together and build the first wireframe concepts. Then we work our way step by step to the first click-dummy. During development we have to keep the user experience in mind, i.e. the user's experience with the product, and of course influence it positively with an easy-to-understand but fresh user interface.

That sounds like a full-time job. Does that leave time for studying?

Indeed, it could be a full-time job. But luckily, we are a well-tuned team and distribute the projects and tasks among all team members. I can arrange my working time of 20 hours per week in agreement with my colleagues and so I can usually use the afternoons to write my master's thesis. Here, too, I receive support from my colleagues.

How would you describe your area of responsibility at Campudus?

Mainly I work on user-friendly interfaces for our products and tools. This is to make sure that we not only have a working software, but that you also have fun using it. Together with my colleague I also take care of the PR and communication at Campudus. There are no standard job profiles. Everyone works in the area they know best and for which they have the most enthusiasm.

What do you enjoy most? Do you have a favourite project?

Basically, I'm happy to be able to help out in as many projects as possible and gain experience. But I especially enjoy helping to develop an ERP system that is completely tailored to the customer's needs. That's where I was also able to put my business management background and my experience with ERP systems to good use.

Espresso, Cappuccino oder Americano?

I love our expresso coffee machine and mostly drink cappuccino because I like to draw creative patterns in the milk foam. And by the way, we have an internal challenge running for the best barista in the office, which I don’t wanna lose.