From spontaneous internship to frontend superhero.

Deniz, how did you find the way to Campudus?

I was looking for an internship for my apprenticeship in 2017 at the vocational school for computer science. I found Campudus on the Internet and just visited them at their office. I spontaneously introduced myself to Max, the CEO of the company, and a few weeks later my 5-week internship started.

That was a pretty spontaneous start, how did it go on?

I was able to learn a lot during the internship and prove myself, and got a job offer from Campudus for the time after the apprenticeship. I accepted it without hesitation.

How did you get into IT and programming in the first place?

As a child I already was very excited about IT. I taught myself programming with the help of YouTube videos. At first, it was just for computer games, but I quickly realized that I also envisioned my professional future in IT.



20 years old

Speaks perfectly bavarian



Frontend Developer

Since 2018 at Campudus

Stack & Skills

Mainly MERN

(MongoDB, Express JS, ReactJS und NodeJS)

IntelliJ IDEA, BitBucket, GitHub

Shopware 6, Vendure, Shopify


What is your typical day at Campudus?

How do you spend most of your time?

I'd say 80-90% of my time is actually spent writing code. Most of the time I use intelliJ for that. The rest of the time I spend in project meetings with colleagues and clarify design issues or other things. I often have lunch with colleagues in the canteen of the neighboring company. Usually I go home around 6 pm and still have time for friends or my hobbies, like drawing.

How does your working day begin?

My working day is actually very self-determined. Usually I get to the office around 9 am. I structure my work so that I can pick up right where I left off the day before. At half past nine we all get together for the Daily Meeting and discuss what we did the day before and what the plan for the current day is. We can also talk about any problems and get support.

How would you describe your area of responsibility at Campudus?

One of my main tasks is programming and styling the frontend of websites and online shops. Of course, I also have to implement the respective functions from the backend and sometimes I have to build interfaces with other systems.

What do you enjoy most? Do you have a favourite project?

I like to build small projects where the backend is already programmed, and I can take over the styling and the implementation of the functions in the frontend.

What is (currently) your biggest challenge in your job?

In general, I think one of the biggest challenges in programming is that everything should run as error-free as possible. But if you get stuck with a problem yourself, one of your colleagues is always there to help. We have specialists for everything in the team and are happy to help each other so that everything works in the end.

Espresso, Cappuccino oder Americano?

Capuccino with oat milk.