unger weine

Digitizing exclusive champagne & wine cases.

Founded in 1993 by two brothers on eight square meters, Unger Weine today ranks among the finest wine trading companies worldwide. The customers span from exquisite restaurants to discerning wine connoisseurs from all over the world. In 2016, Unger Weine opened a special storage cellar for its precious customers. Wine collectors can store their treasures in „DER KELLER“ under state-of-the-art climate conditions protected by a security system at bank level.

Unger Weine was demanding a highly customized storage software for their sophisticated storage cellar „DER KELLER“. We teamed up with Unger Weine to digitize the entire life cycle of wine cases, optimize processes and automatize workflows with digital tools.


Maßgeschneiderte Lagersoftware

Main Services

Digital Strategy

Software Development

Workflow Automatization

Custom Scanner App

Project Launch

Automatizing workflows, digitizing processes.

Our work began by an analysis of the entire life cycle of the wine cases, starting from the announcement of a wine case through its delivery, storage, invoicing and eventually its re-purchase. We took a deep dive into every step in order to understand which process could be digitized, which operations were error-prone and which workflows could be automatized.

To add transparency, all movements of the wine cases had to be recorded and presented in a seamless history. Proving and assuring the customers that their treasures are safe and stored well. Within a couple of weeks we developed a customized storage software and a mobile application that helped the staff to do a variety of operations on the go.

Connecting Services

Barcodes ensure clear assignment of wine cases.

The handling process kicks-off in the moment all details of a new delivery are entered into the warehouse software. The staff can now access all the information on their mobile devices. When the wine delivery arrives at the warehouse, it is inspected, sealed and assigned to a unique barcode. From this point onwards, every movement of the wine case is tracked and recorded.

Smart capacity utilization with traffic light system.
Finding the right storage place for the wine cases happens digitally. The warehouse staff can easily check the storage capacity, indicated by a traffic light system, through the storage software interface.

Individual barcodes on the storage shelves help to assign the case to the designated shelf. The office staff automatically receives a full report of the storage immediately after the case is placed at the shelf and the barcode is scanned. Thus, the storage capacity utilization is optimized and the staff saves a lot of time storing and processing the wine cases.

Flexible Erweiterungen

Adapting the software to new sources of revenues.

A separate area in the warehouse of UNGER WEINE - DER KELLER is reserved for wines that customers want to resell directly via Unger Weine. Even though these wines are stored and invoiced separately, no additional software system is required for administration. An extension of our warehouse software makes it possible to handle the purchase and sales enquiries directly.

Automated reports and billing
The warehouse software also optimizes the usually time-consuming invoicing of storage and administration fees. The storage fees depend on the quantity and duration of the storage. In addition, different insurance costs need to be calculated for each wine case. The warehouse software automatically generates a report on the current stock, prepares the invoices and supports the calculation of the insurance costs- quick, easy and error-free.