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Ride4 is a micro-mobility provider with a sustainable and ecological vision. Its goal is to reduce the increasing environmental pollution and the depletion of fossil fuels by supporting an emission-free mobility: E-scooters for urban road traffic.

As a new player in the market, Ride4 created a digital foundation for its online-first sales strategy. With the headless e-commerce platform based on Shopware 6, the launch website could evolve quickly into a powerful online shop. We are digitally supporting Ride4 during this fast build-up and make sure that the products find their way to the end customer.


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Higher flexibility thanks to headless e-commerce.

In order to develop a product website - which later needed to evolve into an online shop - as quickly as possible, we chose a lightweight headless e-commerce platform as the technology to go. This allowed us to flexibly design the front end of the product website according to the customer's wishes and reuse it later as a storefront for the online shop. In the backend we relied on a proven, innovative and easy to use shop system, so that the customer could easily scale with the further success of his products.

The entire project was implemented in three steps according to the expansion of the product portfolio. In the first step the Ride4 E-Scooter could be pre-ordered on the launch website. In the second step another product was added and the connection to the shop system was established. In the third step the whole online shop was finalized and all products, accessories and insurances can now be easily ordered in the shop. Our customer can manage all contents, products, prices, availabilities, orders, payments etc.

Mobile first & responsive for all E-Scooter fans.

Our web and online shop projects always start with the mobile first approach, i.e. with the design of the smartphone version of the website or online shop. This is due to the high popularity of smartphones and the fact that design that works on a small screen is always easier to translate to bigger screen, than vice versa.

For the e-scooter fans of Ride4, the question of the right device for shopping does not even arise. Whether they visit the online shop on their smartphone, tablet or laptop, they leave it with a brand new and quick e-scooter.