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Iconic products always define the benchmark.

A drug celebrates its 50th anniversary and is still unsurpassed in performance and reliability. Like the Swiss Army knife, the Leica M3 camera or a Montblanc pen, Akrinor is one of the icons in modern products. The medication is used to gently wake up patients from anaesthesia.

We developed an extraordinary interactive iPad app for the ratiopharm sales team, presenting the benefits and key abilities of this iconic product. We created a simulation showing a typical situation during a surgery and the effects of Akrinor after it is beeing injected.


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Akrinor Anniversary App

Still unmatched after 50 years.

In order to explain the effects, abilities and advantages of Akrinor an impressive interactive surgical situation was created. The simulation enabled the sales reprensentatives to interactively explain to anesthetists the unique effects of Akrinor on the heart rate, cardiac output and blood pressure.