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A Showroom full of healthy content.

LaVita has been committed to people's health for over 20 years. With their unique product, they have managed to pack the most important micronutrients such as vitamins and trace elements from over 20 fruits, a dozen vegetables and over 20 herbs and oils into one juice concentrate. Today, more than 120 employees are working to convince health-conscious people and doctors of the unique abilities of LaVita.

LaVita decided to use the YourShowroom Platform - our digital sales solution - to manage and distribute all sales and marketing content, studies and guidebooks to their entire sales team. As with every showroom customer, the platform was adapted exactly to the requirements of LaVita. Branded as the Lavita Showroom it became quickly an indispensable tool for the success of the sales representatives.


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Lavita Showroom

Always up-to-date, anytime and anywhere.

The LaVita Showroom makes it easy to keep all content and all employees up to date. Content, users and groups are managed centrally in the Showroom Control Center.
The distribution of content happens individually, meaning that every sales representative only receives content which is relevant to him. He finds it perfectly sorted and ready for presentation in his app and does not need to care about storing or sorting the content. Searching for the newest version of a document is not necessary anymore. All content is updated automatically.

Going one step further, the LaVita Showrooms enables the sales team to present content in almost any format. No matter if it is a PDF sales brochure, a PowerPoint presentations with animations or HTML5 content with video and sound, the LaVita showroom can display all these formats. Even interactive forms can be filled out and signed directly on the iPad.