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Keeping the sales team always up to date.

EssilorLuxottica became in 2018 the largest manufacturer of eyewear and lenses. Their mission is to help people see more, be more and live life to its fullest. Their groundbreaking products correct, protect and frame the beauty of the most precious sensory organ – our eyes. By combining the expertise in lens technology and eyewear manufacturing, a portfolio of brands that consumers love and global distribution capabilities, enable people everywhere to learn, to work, to express themselves and to fulfill their potential. Essilor is designing, producing and distributing across the world high-quality products and services that every day help correct, protect and prevent risks to the visual health.

Essilor Deutschland uses a customized version of our sales enablement platform YourShowroom. Branded as the Essilor Showroom the sales team of Essilor Deutschland access all sales relevant content through their iPads. No matter where they are located or which content they need, the Showroom Platform provides them the relevant content just in time.


YourShowroom Sales Platform

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Essilor Showroom

Always having the right content at the right time - just got easier.

Product presentations, sale folders, interactive forms, press releases or training materials find their way to all employees who have access to the Essilor Showroom
A distinction can be made individually for each content whether an entire group or only individual employees are granted access. The employees themselves do not have to worry about sorting or storing the content. They just open up the Essilor Showroom app on their iPads and can focus on the most important thing: their customers.

Content & usage analytics deliver insights for marketing & sales..
The marketing and sales management of Essilor Germany gains direct insights of the use of digital content in the field, thanks to the powerful content & usage analytics of the Essilor Showroom. These insights enable them to measure the efficiency of content and adapt it more quickly to changing requirements of markets and employees.