Winora DealerCenter

A whole new era for bike retail.

When Alex Thusbass, one of the pioneers of sporty e-mountain bikes, reached us with his idea about the DealerCenter, we could not imagine which effects this industry revolutionizing solution would have in the bike sektor. But indeed it was the birth of a worldwide unique digital advice and sales tool for bicycle dealers. It was designed to close the gap between online and in-store retail. The goal was to provide retailers with digital capabilities and interactively facilitate their daily sales and consulting processes. Together we developed the DealerCenter to its final stage exclusively for the Winora Group and delivered it to over 950 bike shops across the DACH region

The DealerCenter created a completely new communication channel for the Winora Group. All bicycle models of the brands Haibike, Winora and Sinus could be viewed digitally and in Full-HD directly in the stores, even if they were not in stock at the store. News, prices, specifications, colour variants and availabilities of the bikes were displayed in real time. This multiple award winning solution brought the Winora Group an immense competitive advantage that not only convinced the dealers but also the consumers.



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An all-in-one package including software, hardware & stele.

To convince the dealers of the DealerCenter it needed to work effortless and without any disruption. Therefor we developed the software to work completely autonomous. The hardware offered a reliable all-in-one touch PC which just needed electricity to work. The dealers received our package, unboxed it, plugged the DealerCenter in, entered their Wi-Fi password and selected their opening hours. Et voilĂ ! The DealerCenter was ready to work.

In the morning, the DealerCenter switched itself on according to the opening hours of the bike shop, updated all new content absolutely autonomously and in the evening after closing time, it switched itself off. The shop's customers were able check out new bicycles, inform themselves about news, batteries, engines of e-bikes or even learn more about range anxieties of eBikes. They could do so completly alone or together with their dealer. The DealerCenter was at their disposition during the complete opening hours. Day in day out.

Multiple awarded

Inspired customers, dealers and the renomated jury.

To date, the DealerCenter has inspired over 950 dealers and many of their customers. As a silent employee and helper, it is impossible to imagine the shops without it. Especially the intuitive and simple touch user interface, the clever combination of advice apps and product catalogues were awarded by the expert jury of various magazines and big names in the bicycle industry.