Our Mission

We at Campudus believe that software should be easy and fun to use. It should liberate people from recurring tasks and automatize their workflows in the smartest possible way.

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Digitization Strategy

Research & Analysis

Transformation Consulting

Technology Selection

UX/UI Conception

MVP Definition

Omnichannel Infrastructure

Digital Ecosystem Selection

Product Data Management & Delivery

Digital Asset Management & Delivery

Touchpoint & System Integration

User Experience Creation

Software Development

Software Consultation

Software Architecture

Mobile & Hybrid Apps

eCommerce Platforms

Websites & Interactivity

Long-term Partnership

We join forces with your team for the long term. Your success grows and your digitization pays off. We get what we want: a happy client.

Let's work!


We shape the digital future of brands and companies.

Our team has put in a lot of effort, code and coffee to deliver outstanding digital solutions to our clients, tailored to meet their individual needs. Our customers strive to be pioneers in their industries and therefore require extraordinary and innovative solutions.

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Our clients


If you are in need of a speedboat with a battle approved crew to conquer new digital land, we should have a chat.